What is Maum Meditation?


Maum Meditation began in November 1996 Established by Teacher Woo Myung.   Currently, there are more than 340 meditation centers located around the world where over 300,000 people have practiced cleansing the mind and body using the simple method of subtraction to become Truth. Maum is a Korean word which means mind, heart, soul and […]

How to do Maum Meditation


Maum Meditation teaches how to cleanse falseness – the pictures of past memories – which we have accumulated through our self-centered experiences. It teaches us that we are the false minded illusions and that our bodies and minds must be cleansed. Then it teaches us to cleanse the universe in our delusional minds so that […]

Maum Meditation Benefits


Maum Meditation Benefits The Body Becomes Healthy Cleansing the accumulated mind is like cleansing the body. If we cleanse all the stains from our mind, then the natural flow of energy in our body is restored. Many people who do Maum Meditation feel the body becoming healthier in a very short time. The stained mind […]

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